Maritime Week 2024

“Together Connected: Celebrating Maritime Heroes”

3rd Edition of “Durres Maritime Week”

June, 13 – 15. 2024

In observance of the “International Day of the Seafarer”, Durres Port Authority in partnership with the Transport Community, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and “Aleksandër Moisiu” University of Durres is organizing a series of events celebrating seafarer’s contribution to making the maritime sector a safer workplace. Embracing the theme “Together Connected: Celebrating Maritime Heroes”, these events serve as a testament to the remarkable contributions of seafarers worldwide as well as a platform to address important aspects concerning port infrastructure, trade facilitation, maritime awareness, and the well-being of our seafaring community.

The primary objective for this maritime week is to cultivate an environment of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking among main stakeholders within the maritime sector. Through engaging discussions, informative workshops, study and job fairs and interactive activities, participants will have the opportunity to dig into innovative strategies aimed at enhancing port infrastructure, streamlining trade facilitation processes, promoting maritime awareness initiatives, and prioritizing the well-being of our invaluable seafarers. Furthermore, this event aims to establish solid partnerships between academia, industry, and government bodies, fostering sustainable maritime development and ensuring safety across our maritime domains.

Durres Port Authority extends its invitation to all stakeholders, maritime professionals, academia and the broader community to join us in commemorating “International Seafarers’ Day” and celebrating the crucial role of maritime transport. Join us and let us pay tribute to the solid dedication and sacrifices of our seafaring heroes while collectively advancing towards a safer, more efficient, and prosperous maritime industry.

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Let’s navigate together connected towards a brighter maritime future!