Annual permit per person


    Holders of entry permits must have valid permits which are within the expiry date and have been issued in accordance with the requirements of the Port of Durres Security Plan and Entry-Exit Regulation. Entry permits for persons and vehicles are subject of annual evaluation starting from the date of issue whether the person continues to be employed by the start-up company. Expired permit holders are considered new applicants and must meet all requirements to obtain a new permit.

    Owners of personal or vehicle permits must apply all port entry and exit procedures.

    All personal and vehicle access permits owned by the Port Authority must be handed over when the person is no longer employed in a job he needs to enter the port.

    Personal and vehicle access permits are non-transferable. Personal permits should be kept in a prominent place, above the waist all the time while in port, for work or visit. Vehicle access permits must be located on the front windshield of the vehicle in a conspicuous location.
    In case of loss or theft of the entry permit, the permit holder must notify his employer or permit sector at the port of Durres immediately. The permit is replaced by a fee of ALL 200 which is paid to the permitting sector in the port of Durres. When applying to replace a lost permit, a new background check of the applicant may be made.

    The Durres Port Authority reserves the right to refuse to grant a personal entry permit or vehicle at any time it is required to take such action.

    Permit holders working in a restricted area must alert a Security Force officer, police officer, private guard, or Port Authority employee whenever they notice a person not having a permit in a visible place or refuses to show permission when asked. All permit holders must immediately report any suspicious activity and violation of the rules and laws of Albania and the port of Durres to the Security Force, Police Station or Port Authority of Durres.

    Permit holders or Employment Firms must report in writing to the Port Authority of Durres any arrest, conviction or conviction that occurred within 15 days of the event. Failure to inform the Port Authority of Durrës on the above mentioned issue will result in deactivation of the entry permit and may result in permanent revocation of the person’s permit.

    In cases of change of job, or change of personal data such as name, contract information, address, no. of the telephone, the person notifies the Port Authority not later than 15 days from the date of the change. When a vehicle with a port entry permit is sold or broken, or its owner no longer works in the port, or has no connection to the port, then the vehicle permit must be returned to the permitting sector in the port of Durres.

    I have read and agree to the responsibilities described in this entry permit application. I certify that there is no untruth, deficiency, or forgery in the statements and responses above. I am aware of the fact that if an inquiry proves to be false, defective, or falsified in this form, I will not be granted permission. entry.

    I authorize the Port Authority of Durres to obtain any information and information relating to arrests or past law enforcement, and allow representatives of any law enforcement institution to provide such information when requested by the Authority.

    I _______ aware that an audit of the authenticity of my past law enforcement records will be carried out, locally and nationally authorizing the Port Authority of Durres to make the relevant and ongoing verifications.