Durres Port Security Forces

Durres Port Authority (DPA) is the statutory harbor authority for the Port of Durres and it has been designated as a “strategic authority” by the Albanian Government in respect of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and other regulatory requirements. This role includes responsibilities regarding security matters in the wider port environment and has a direct impact on the DPA’s internal security organization and management. Durres Port Security Forces is the primarily responsible unit providing 24 hours operations under all environmental conditions as well as ensuring harbor defense and protection of vessels in transit, at the pier/port complex or along the waterline facility. DPSF unit is organized, trained and equipped to provide optimal physical security, maritime inter-directed capabilities and point defense of ships, designated infrastructure and high value assets of Durres Port.

Durres Port Security Force was established following the approval of Law Nr. 9281 dated 23.09.2004 “On Safety in Ships and at Ports”, by the Albanian Parliament. The U.S Government assistance and support through ICITAP had a paramount importance to the DPSF establishment and activity as well as its ICTS security certification in compliance with the mandatory security regimen for international shipping.

On July, 11th 2005, was approved by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications the “Port Facility Security Plan” as per the ISPS code, which determined security” LEVEL I” for Durres Port.

The Port Security Plan was updated on April, 11th 2015 by Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure approval through which the” LEVEL I” was maintained to meet Durres Port security requirements.

By Order no. 24, dated 08.01.2018, of the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, was approved the Regulation “On Durres Port Authority Security Structure, Organization and Functioning”, with DPSF being a fundamental actor providing the necessary astute, highly professional security services. The Durres Port Security Plan is updated every 6 months in line with potential infrastructural changes of Durres Port.    

DPSF is responsible for the “Security Action Plan” periodic update as well as other plans such as the emergency evacuation and civil emergency plans. DPSF unit performs regular training and drills in the framework of Inactive-Duty Training (IDT) under orders, scheduled for the training performance augmentation, formal training, or unit training in preparation of deployment. DPSF training and drills comprise a mixture of law enforcement competences and tasks particularly designated to ensure proactive response to potential security threats and maritime operational requirements in the port’s enforced security perimeters.

Main priorities of DPSF are:

a. To review and exercise security contingency plans against maritime security threats.

b. To practice the command, control, coordination and communications arrangements.

c. To validate new processes and resources to be deployed.

d. To exercise the responses to specific maritime security threats.