On August 10, 2022, in the “Map Hall” of the Prime Minister’s Office was held the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding for the „Durres Yachts and Marina“ project, between Mr. Mohamed Ali Rashed Alabbar, chairman and representative of “Eagle Hills Real Estate Development“ Ltd and Mr. Erlis Hereni, CEO and representative of “Albanian Seaports Development Company”, shareholding company owned by the Durres Port Authority established to support the progression of the project implementation.


In 2020, the Albanian Government adopted an ambitious strategy for the maritime transport which includes a solid investment plan to consolidate and improve port infrastructure across the country. Our strategy foresees moving cargo operation outside the urban areas and redeveloping the city’s port into a luxury marina for cruise ships and high-end tourist services. With the transformation of the current port and the construction of the new facilities in Porto Romano, we are establishing two ports under the same Port Authority, in line with the best practices of port developments in the Northern and Western European countries.


“This cooperation stems from a special friendship between Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed Albania. This investment opens a new perspective, brings a new level of understanding of tourism and new services, and from this point of view the Durres Yachts Marina will bring a new perspective to the entire Albanian coast.” Prime Minister Edi Rama.


“We give Albania one of the most important projects of maritime and tourist economic development in the Balkans”, Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku.


“This project relates to the life we want to build for our citizens; the creation of trust in a city, of course the increase of employment, the economy.  It is a privilege for me to participate and put to work my passion and love for the creation of this new life in Albania and Durres”, Mohamed Alabbar.