Do you have any questions or queries about products, services or facilities in the Port of Durres?
Here are the most frequently asked questions to assist you:

▪ Rules and procedures on traveling to/from Italy

▪ Required documentation when traveling for work/medical reasons 

▪ Travelling from Albania to Germany, transiting through Italy 

▪ Ferry schedule information and ticket booking procedures

▪ Port entry permit applications: pedestrians and vehicles

▪ Port tariffs info enquiries

▪ Information enquiry on customs costs and procedures for port services such as: cargo loading/unloading operations.

▪ Cranes and container operation tariffs.

▪ Employment opportunities at the Durres Port Authority and application forms

All answers to your questions at the “Green Line“, should be previously confirmed by the relevant Directorate.

For further information or clarification please contact:

“Green Line” (free of charge):  No. 0800 73 74

E-mail: [email protected]