Fire Protection and Rescue

PMNZSH Durres Port Authority is a structure depending on APD Executive Directorate and supports its activities in Law no. 8766 date. 05-04-2001 to PMNZSH’s, Decision of Ministers Council no. 289 date. 27-06 2002 “For the reorganization of PMNZSH in important economic objects” and the Regulation of APD’s.

PMNZSH aims to prevent and save the lives of people and the property from the risk of fire, control the implementation of legality, providing technical assistance and intervention in cases emergencies of natural disasters of other disasters within the territory of APD, but in emergencies and abroad.

This service also intervenes to provide assistance outside APD’s emergency needs that are not born by the structures PMNZSH member to act in the territory of the District.


APD’s territory from terminal 0 up to terminal  9 is covered with hydro -systems (overhead and underground), with two sea water pump stations and two emergency generators for electricity when is absent.


All buildings in the territory of the APD’s (offices, archives, storage, etc.)
Sector ferry terminal, Container Section, Department of electro -cranes, mechanical maintenance sector, electric sector, etc., are complete with fire protection equipment (wrist fixed universal signaling sensor, etc.).

Even the new Ferry terminal is provided in the project and is being built with hydro- system covering the whole territory.