Maritime Safety

Maritime Safety in the Port of Durres

Maritime traffic safety at Durres Port is guaranteed by an established administrative and operational network consisting of command personnel, operational staff and other substantial actors. Involved in the implementation of monitoring and managing plans regarding daily commercial operations of designated vessels as well as general marine traffic in Durres Port, under the Harbor Master auspices and strict instructions they operate in prevention of potential risks and management of emergencies as well as strengthening the capacity to respond to environmental and technological hazards caused by maritime incidents resulting or likely to result in spills of oil and/or other hazardous and noxious substances (HNS).


Towing Service

Towing services at Durres Port are provided by the Naval Service Ships (JSC), which latterly has made significant investments supporting work safety, identifying and minimizing hazards, reduce emission levels and preserve natural resources. Through strong collaborative efforts between JSC and Durres Port Authority both parties have successfully adopted enhanced responsive capacities in implementing national maritime quality standards and Contingency Plan at local level.