Operational Services

Operational Services Forms

In the framework of the extraordinary restrictive measures undertaken amid the Novel Coronavirus outspread set by CM Decision No 243 dated 24.03.2020, declaring COVID-19 pandemic, a state of national emergency under the Civil Emergencies Act, Durres Port Authority is committed to responsibly facilitate business operations as well as maintain full operational capability of our clients by providing some of the main port services online. Online submission of the following documents is now available via e-mail at [email protected] .


  1. Notice of Arrival
  2. Customs Clearance Declaration
  3. BL
  4. Cargo Plan
  5. Cargo Manifest
  6. Notice of Readiness
  7. VSL’s Particulars

The following documents will be provided by the DPA Central Dispatch Office via e-mail:

  1. Berthing plan
  2. Ferry mooring schedule and fees
  3. Service Invoice

Please find attached the application templates:

  Berthing Request Template Download Berth and Canal Dues Invoice Template Download