The Statute of Durres Port Authority was approved by Council of Ministers Decision no.596, dated 10.09.2004 “On the Approval of the Durres Port Authority Statute and its Reorganization”, determining its organizational form, functioning and administration regulations, relationship among operators, state institutions and port authority representation.

In this sense, Durres Port Authority holds the status of “Land Administer Port” and has the right to exercise trade activities through means of private sector as well as manage and control the port following guidelines, ordinances and regulations prescribed by law. Durres Port Authority is the only administrator of the whole infrastructure and it is not included in the services and equipment activities while acting as a regulator and landlord, all port operations are supported by private companies. 

Intense efforts have been made in this direction and Law no.9130 dated 08.09.2003 “On Port Authority” laid the foundations towards a significant development and fundamental progress for Durres Port. This ensured the mechanisms to initiate concrete transformations that enabled Durres Port Authority to become an integral part of a well-organized international port system. “Landlord Port” is the final destination regarding it’s management model where all infrastructure, particularly terminals, facilities will be leased to private operating companies mostly on long-term concession basis with the Port Authority retaining all regulatory functions and ownership of the land.