Eastern Terminal

terminali lindor


The   East   Terminal   is   managed   since July   2013   from   EMS   – Albanian Port Operator. The main activity of East Terminal is loading/discharging   of   bulk   cargoes   as   such   as   minerals, mineral   ores,   coal,   clinker,   scrap,   cement,   edible   oil   and general cargo such machinery, steel bars, steel constructions.

The terminal provides the storing of the related cargoes as well.

  Terminal characteristics:

Terminal surface               185.140 m2   

Quay depth                       5.6 m – 11.1 m   

Quay length                    422m   

Railway length                   1.000 ml   

5 electric quay cranes       15ton – 27.5 ton capacity   

Terminal equipment such as reach stacker, forklift, trailers, mechanical shovels etc.

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