Electronic Check‐in for Ferry Travelers 24. 09. 2012

Passengers using ferry lines from Durrës port will have a facility too many to facilitate their processing.

Since last week they can perform their personal electronic check‐in without having to appear to the windows of ferry terminal agencies.

Director General of Port Authority, Eduard Ndreu among other said that this will mark a change in passengers` mentality regarding the sea‐port. “If written data on their tickets is accurate, the small machinery at ferry terminal hall will “seal” it in a twinkling of an eye, confirming their right of voyage with the respective ferry”‐ said Mr. Ndreu.

According to him, the only stop in port will be border control, where police authorities check personal documents, while another, in‐passing, check‐in is located at ferry entrance. Other four, serve to the car drivers and the last two, to track drivers. Six other mobile (portable) counters will be used in periods of high season with large passenger flow during summer or end‐of‐the‐year holidays.

Director Ndreu insists that the ticket data must be accurate as their deficiencies should be corrected later by agencies, wasting the time of careless travelers.

For maintenance and consistency of data do care port I.T groups, those of cruise companies, as well as specialists from customs and border police.

Currently, there are six existing companies operating in port and ferries are used by about 850 thousand passengers, annually.