APD: During year 2018, 15 cruisers ships broughts tourists from 50 countries around the globe. 5 november 2018

In  Durres Port during this summer season have arrived cruises with tourists from around 50 countries. The largest number of visitors arrived from US, Turkey, Japan, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

From May to November this year, 15 cruises and sailing boats with 6,553 tourists were anchored in the port of Durres.

The “Ocean Dreams” cruiser ship has arrived in Durres Port with 886 tourists from Japan, 187 others from China and Taiwan, marking the largest number of tourists arriving from East Asian countries with cruises.

In Port of Durres arrive about 1300 tourists on board of the “Gemini’ cruise ship from Turkey. The ship called Durres Port two times during this season.

Three more cruisers brought around 1500 tourists from the USA, as well as others from France and the Netherlands (516 and 432 respectively).

Durrës during last years, is become a very demanding touristic destination, and apart from the ancient coastal city, they also visit other cities of historical and administrative importance such as Kruja, Berat, Tirana or Apollonia.

Cruisers ships with a length of 130 up to 210 meters are anchored mainly on the 4th and 5th quay of the Western Terminal, which is managed by APD.

The Durres port Authority has taken special measures to facilitate and secure a safe movement of tourists and crews inside the port territory.