Despite ferries freight-only operation, an increase in waterborne freight volumes is recorded compared to April 2020 June 8th. 2020

Since the general suspension of all passenger traffic, the ferry terminal has modified its services by carrying only freight onboard sustaining the country’s supply chain.

Referring to statistics, a progresive increase in truck and trailer numbers as well freight processing volumes is reported from April to May 2020.

According to the DPA Statistics Department, the rapid decline in ferry traffic volumes, with only 31 routes executed to/from Durres during April, is attributed to the passengers’ traffic disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ferry terminal moved over 44,000 tons of freight and 3,344 trailers and trucks during April, representing a sharp decrease against the country’s largest port estimation of typical travel patterns Meanwhile, an increase in truck volumes as well as sailing figures reaching a total of  38 ferry routes, is indicated during May. Over the past month, ferries have transported 5,445 trucks and trailers with an estimated 69,000 tons of waterborne freight,which is higher than the previous month