DPA 2018, 9-month freight exchange: Russia, Turkey and Italy, first 3 countries for import-export from Durres October 23, 2018

During the first nine months of this year, 417 ships and 776 ferries were processed at the Port of Durres, marking a volume of over 2.7 million tons of total freight.

Exchanges of goods were mainly carried out with countries such as Russia (28 percent), Turkey (19 percent) and Italy (11 percent), Malta (7 percent), Greece (6 percent), Libya and Israel (3% each), etc.

From the 9-month statistics in the relevant Sector in APD, it is learned that 45 per cent of “made in Albania” exports by vessels and ferries have headed towards Italy, 44 per cent heading to Malta, 7% to Turkey and 2% to Greece and France.

Imports come mainly from Russia (33 percent) and Turkey (21 percent), which together carry more than half of the import of goods to Durres. Along with Libya, Greece, Italy and Israel (with 8 to 4 percent each), import goods arrive by ship from Ukraine, Egypt, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Lebanon, Tunisia, USA, Croatia, etc.