DPA: 2018, in the port of Durres anchored a total of 380 yachts; January 8th, 2019

During 2018, at the port of Durres, 380 tourist yachts have been anchored, according to the DPA Statistics Sector.

While the number of cruisers during the same year has reached 14 total, the yachts that have chosen the largest port of our country have been much more than a year ago.

Of the 294 yachts that arrived in 2017, the year we left behind the number reached 380 yachts in total.

From the Statistics Sector, we learn that in Durrës during 2018 a large number of yachts of length 30-120 meters have been anchored, generally produced in the last years at the well-known sites of the world.

In addition to harbor services, tourists and yachtsmen have visited the archaeological centers of our city. The touristic yachting time of stay on the 1-5 quays of the Western Terminal goes up to one week