DPA 2018: Vessels and ferries, trade exchanges with 20 countries from Durres port January 22nd, 2019

From APD statistics – is learned that; three countries, Russia, Turkey, and Italy top the list of states that in 2018 exchanged goods with Albania via the port of Durres. Imports from Russia account for 34 per cent of the volume of exchanges, while “made in Albania” exports are mainly directed to Malta and Italy, respectively 46 and 42 per cent.

The total number of countries carrying out import-export operations by vessels and ferries from Durres reaches up to 20, and this list includes countries like: Ukraine, France, Spain, Libya, USA, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Lebanon etc.


The DPA Statistics Sector make us known that 28 per cent of commercial exchanges from / to Durres by ship are carried out by Russia, while Turkey with 20 per cent and Italy with 11 per cent hold respectively second and third position.

In the import-export list through Durres, Malta with 8 percent and Greece with 7 percent follow up.