DPA: A total of over 288 thousand tons of cement in a year, from Durres port -182 thousand tons of “Made in Albania” product, for export- January 18th, 2019

A total of over 288,000 tons of cement have been processed in Durres port during 2018.

According to data from DPA Statistical Sector, 182,357 tons belong to the exports of Fushë Kruja region’s factory products, which are loaded on merchant ships mainly in the Eastern Terminal.

Meanwhile, 106,133 tons of imported cement on account of the Albanian business were discharged during last year, on Western Terminal quays.

Cement exports from Durres to other countries keep going this year. Cement produced at factories near Fushe Kruja, used in construction industry is mainly bound to the port of Marghera (Italy) and Malta.

During 2018, in Durres Port were processed a total of over 3.6 million tons of goods.