DPA: Construction materials, chemical fertilizers and coke coal, are import goods unloaded during 2018 at Durres port January 21, 2019

Approximately 300 thousand tons of imported goods processed during the last year at Durres port, pertain to the sphere of construction materials.
Over 106,000 tons of imported cement have been discharged during a year at the Western Terminal’s quays on behalf of the Albanian business. At the same Terminal are also unloaded 81,594 tons of melamine for the furniture industry, as well as 36,535 tons of iron for construction.

Import sheet-iron and marble blocks in the respective quantities of 73,068 and 15,316 tons total. have been discharged in the quays of the country’s largest port, during 2018
In the Western Terminal are also discharged over 80 thousand tons of fertilizers and nitrates for agriculture. Within one year, a total 197,000 tons of wheat have been discharged in Durres port.
Approximately 192 thousand tons of imported coke coal were processed in the Eastern Terminal throughout the last year