DPA: Import-export by ship from Durres to 71 world ports during 2018 January 25th 2019

Import-export goods from / to Durrës during the year we left behind have been the destination of 20 ports of Turkey, the country with the largest number of ports where ships arriving or departing from the largest port of our country are anchored.

Meanwhile, the commodities exchanged through Durrës port have as the most distant destinations two-ports in the US and another one in Venezuela. During 2018, the goods for import / export from / to Durrës were transported by ships to 71 ports in 20 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and America – according to DPA’s annual statistics.

From data of the statistics sector of DPA, we learn that ships departed from Durrës with export goods or have arrived at our country’s largest port with imported goods, have touched 20 ports of Turkey, the country with 23 percent of imports and 7 percent of exports exchanged from Durres.

Goods  from / to  Durres  are  also  processed  by  ships  in  9-ports  of   Italy, 7  ports of Russia and Greece, and 4 others in Croatia. Freight ships that departing from/touching Durres during 2018 have also been processed in Malta, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Croatia, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, USA, Venezuela, Israel and others.