DPA: “Ocean Dream “ cruiser with 1238 tourists, mainly from East Asian countries October 2, 2018

1238 foreign tourists, most of whom from Japan and East Asian countries have arrived in Durres with the “Ocean Dream” cruiser. The cruise ship with a length of 205 meters and 391 staff people docked without any problem this morning at the fifthquay of the largest port in the country.

From the HAG host agency, it is learned that the ship that comes for the first time in Durres has brought tourists from 24 different countries of the world. 886 of them come from Japan; respectively 94 and 93 are citizens from China and Taiwan; from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong arrive respectively 47, 41 and 25 other tourists. The rest come mainly from the USA, Thailand, South Korea, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, etc.

Some tourists left the port facilities to visit the archaeological and museum centers of Durres, while more than 20 buses with other tourists traveled to Tirana, Kruja and Berat.

“Ocean Dream”with Panama’s Flag sailed last night from Dubrovnik to Durres while late in the evening it will continue its journey to Corfu.