Dredging of Durres port basin and approach channel will be completed by 2019 The Albanian company “Vega” will accomplish the 8.6m-euro investment- May 10th 2019

Dredging of the basin and the access channel of the port of Durres will start within a month. The tender for implementation of the project has been completed.

The Albanian company “Vega” has been awarded the winner and has signed the contract with the Durres Port Authority.

The project, to be implemented by 2019, will significantly improve the processing capacities in the largest port of our country, transforming it into a competitive port in of the region.

The deepening of the basin and the access channel is made possible after 14 years and is funded by the Port Authority itself, with a figure of 8.6 million euros without VAT. This is the biggest investment DPA undertakes with its own budget.

The depth predicted at the end of the project reaches 10.4 meters, compared to current depth of 7.5 meters.

Dredging will enable ships carrying up to 1,000 TEU containers to enter port and be processed while currently they bring a total of up to 500-600 units.

On the quays can also be anchored vessels with a capacity of up to 20,000 tons, length up to 174 meters and width up to 26 meters.