Durrës Port 2017: 90 percent of import-export is processed nationwide; Shengjin, Vlora and Saranda January 28th 2019

90 percent  of  the  sea  freight  traffic with  the  ports  outside our country are realized from Durres, then Shëngjini, Vlora and Saranda with 10 percent together, are ranked.

From  the  Statistics  Sector  in  APD, we  learn  that  according to  the  data of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, in 2017 through the  Port  of Durres processed 90 percent of import-export goods nationwide. During the same year, a  total of  nearly 3.7 million tons of  goods  were  processed in  the  port  of Albania’s largest port.

Meanwhile, it  is  learned  that in 2017, in  Shengjin Port, 6 percent of  import and export goods traffic was realized. In Vlora port, another 3 percent were processed, while  Saranda same  yea r only  1 percent  of  goods, in  the country.

From the Statistics Sector we  learn  that  the data of recent years on freight traffic  through  the  four  ports  of  Albania  will  be  reflected  on  the  APD  web  site  www.apdurres.com.al