Durrës Port Authority in 2019 with an approved Budget Plan of -8.6 million euros exclusively for the dredging of the Basin and the Approach channal January 25th 2019

Durres  Port  Authority  has  started 2019  with the  approved  budget since the last week  of  the  last  year. After  several  consecutive  meetings, the  APD  Plan for 2019  budget  gained  the  approval  of  the  Steering  Council  of  the  DPA  and now the  country’s  largest  port  has  started  operating on the basis  of  a  clearly defined financial plan.

The  main  element  of  the  Investment Table for 2019 will be the implementation of  the  Dredging  Project  of  Basin  and Approach  Channel, with  a  fund  of  8.6 million euros without VAT, from ADP  itself.

The  current  depth  of  the  channel  and  basin  is  7.5  meters, and  after   the investment  the  10.5 meters  depth  is  expected, which  will  enable  the  processing of ships of 174  meters length and 1000 TEU containers. The total length  of  the  dredged channel  is  6,755 meters, whereas  the  width 115  to

303.5 meters.

The  procurement  process  has  begun and  at  the  moment of  notification of the start of works, the   deadline is 5 months.

After  consultations with the concession companies of  the three Terminals, APD predicts, during 2019, an increase  of  6  percent  of  the  volume  of  processed  goods compared to the previous year. The same growth, 6  percent, is  expected in the number of processed TEU containers in the respective Terminal, while a smaller increase in the number of ferry passengers is expected.