January-May 2019 APD: 30 percent more transit goods to Kosovo from the Durres Port June 17, 2019

In the first 5 months of this year, Durres Port has transited nearly 82,000 tons of different goods, on arrival or departure to Kosovo.

From statistical data to the Port Authority, it’s noticed that during the period January to May 2019 the goods (export / import) with destination in / from Kosovo reached the figure of 81,482 tons or 30,039 tons more than the 5- month period of 2018.

Iron, tin plates, glass, melamine and coal are the main import goods transported via Durres Port by trucks to other towns of Kosovo.

According to statistical data, iron and rolling sheets with 30.5 thousand tons of and 27 thousand tons of coal occupy the first two places in the list of goods transited for Kosovo. From the same sources it’s noticed that during the first five months of 2018, 51,443 tons of total transit goods were handled from / to Kosovo.