Port today / Four ships being proccesed and 5 ships reported en route June 5th , 2020

The processing of a container ship has been completed this morning in the Durres Port quay nr.6 while the unloading operations of four other ships are still in progress.

The DPA Info Center reports that the aforementioned ships are anchored at the Western Terminal’s quays 1 to 5 and they are currently unloading an estimated 12,176 tons of freight.

The processing of dry bulk cargo such as wheat, glass and iron is carried out by three stevedoring teams and 6  electric cranes.

Reportedly, during the next 48 hours another 5 merchant vessels hauling over 20 thousand tons of freigh such as cemet and scrap are expected to berth the quays of the largest port of the country.

Since the beginning of 2020, a total of 114 merchant ships have been handled  at the port’s western docks.