Quay nr.4 facilities allocated for nautical tourism July 16th 2020

Tourist and recreational vessels visiting the city this summerwill be accommodated at quay nr.4, which is the central mooring area in the Durres Port basin. 

In recent weeks there has been a significant increase in the number of yachts anchored in the largest port of the countrywhich additionally to the fuel supply and port services, the General Maritime Directorate has decided to allow touristsand crew members to also visit the city. 

According to the DPA Operational Service up to 15 yachts and recreational vessels can be currently moored along quay nr 4.

The Western Terminal staff and the port diving team have already joined efforts in offering the necessary facilities and providing quality service for dry land tourists, crews and yachtsmen during their stay through several readjustments made which integrate a hosting marina space into quay nr 4.

Concrete blocks have been positioned several meters underwater which can be easily removed when needed to facilitate other port operations and activities. Since the beginning of this year, 40 yachts and recreational vessels have anchored in the largest port of the country.