Specialized TAP pipeline project ships, preparations at Durres Port March 11th. 2019

A group of specialized floating vessels, working on the implementation of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project, in the underwater area, have recently been anchored occasionally at Durres port quays.

Tugboats, deep dredging boats or pontoon boats sailed to Durres or the shores in the south of our country in support of the process of this important project on the underwater section, connecting the coasts of Albania with those of southern Italy.

The crew of the “Castoro 10” ship with a length of 139 meters and 31 meters width, worked for several weeks in the largest port of the country for the preparation of the piping process. Three years ago at the port of Durres was carried out the discharge from the ships to the quays of a total of more than 130 thousand tons of steel pipes, which were mainly spread to the Albanian territory where the track of the pipeline crossed.