Albanian naval officers and sailors

This morning, 37 Albanian naval officers and sailors who have been stranded for 4 weeks onboard the GNV company ferries and cruisers in Italy due to travel restrictions following the COVID-19 outbreak, lastly debarked at Durres Port. 

Their repatriation was finalized owing to the close cooperation between the Italian authorities and the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Health, the General Maritime Directorate, Durres Port Authority and the Border Police who facilitated repatriating arrangements and joint resources for the successful execution of this mission. Upon their homeland arrival they will remain quarantined for 2 weeks at the Army Holiday Home in Plepa under strict healthcare measures.The Albanian Maritime Administration is in constant contact with all Albanian ship crew and sailors working on foreign flags ships stranded abroad, extending full support and addressing consular challenges faced by them amid the pandemic crisis.

The Albanian authorities are making every effort to assist all citizens stranded overseas during this critical time.