159 Million for Reconstruction of the Access Road for Vehicles. 05. 09. 2012

Vehicle access road to the port of Durrës will soon have a completely new look, thanks to an investment of 155 million lek, funded by Port Authority.

Reconstruction will facilitate the entry and exit of vehicles, ensuring high security settings – announced DPA directorate sources.

Exit road to the ferry terminal, with a length of 821 linear feet, will be expanded twice the actual width to accommodate 6 vehicles moving simultaneously.

The project provides for, from scratch construction, of a new road that directs related vehicles towards the eastern quay, while providing a temporary parking lot for all vehicles not booked for sailing, in advance.

According to the same source, vehicle control point in the southern part  of the port will be rebuilt within port premises according to new

standards, about 130 m away from the existing area. “ We want to create normal conditions for a future project that connects current routes of Dylan bridge overpass with all access roads to the port, coming from south and central part of the country “ expressed the DPA sources.

An additional project will provide dynamic weighing in motion of all heavy vehicles entering and leaving port, to ensure their weight for axle, in view of road and vehicle safety.

The works will be carried out by “Varaku” firm, winner of the corresponding tender. Meanwhile the last procedures are being  conducted to ensure normal expansion of the road to the former oil- deposits. According to contract, works should be completed 6 months after commencement.