ADRION “ POWER” PROJECT – Cooperation Agreement concluded yesterday at Durres Port Authority 31/01/2020

A cooperational agreement was signed yesterday at Durres Port Authority between leaders of key institutions in Durres, establishing the framework for “ POWER”- “Ports as Driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm” joint project implementation.

The “Memorandum of Understanding” and the “Local Agreement” were concluded between Durres Port Authority CEO, Mr. Pirro Vengu, Durres Municipality Major, Mr. Zhyljen Varfaj, Albanian Railway Network General Manager, Mr. Ani Dyrmishi, CDI Institute Manager Mrs. Kristela Haçkaj and the “Aleksander Moisiu” University of Durres, Faculty of Professional Studies Dean, Prof.Osman Metalla.

Durres Port Authority CEO, Mr. Pirro Vengu, following his thanking remarks, expressed his appreciation regarding the conducted studies and concrete steps intended to sustain and facilitate the “POWER” project advancement while stressing the importance of fostering further joint collaboration between parties supporting progress towards Innovation Hubs networks in the energy sector.

On the grounds that “POWER” focuses on ports as drivers for boosting integration, innovation and growth of the local hidden potential, outlining some of the key issues elaborated in this project, Mr.Vengu noted that many of  this  innovative ideas are already distinctively addressed  in this year’s business plan of the Durres Port Authority.

The Mayor, Mr. Zhyljen Varfaj emphasized the projects initiative for enterpreneurial potential exploitation and activities oriented on identifying solutions for renewable and efficient energy in the city.

Meanwhile, Prof. Osman Metalla, on behalf of the “Alexander Moisiu” University of Durres, acclaimed many years of successful and fruitful cooperation with Durres Port Authority in specific areas of development.

Subsequently, outlining the main objectives and results of the elaborated methodologies supporting the evolution of Adrions ports into Innovation Hubs, the CDI Institute Director, Ms. Krisela Haçkaj and Mr. Andy Zhugli acquainted the parties with measures and  strategies to be deployed in order to channel the unexplored entrepreneurial potential of the key-actors involved targeting energy efficiency and renewal.

Specific areas of focus in the project entailing the multi-partners analysis and particular attention were: Energy Efficiency; Business Processes Enhancement ; Fuel Replacement and Renewable Energy.

“ POWER”- “Ports as driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm” project is supported by the ADRION-European Transnational Cooperation Programme.