DPA: April 18th, 2019 January – March 2019, over 116 thousand passengers and 42,438 vehicles

Over 116 thousand passengers used ferries during January-March 2019, while the number of freight trucks and trailers reached 18,657. Along with passenger’s cars, the total number of ferry vehicles in three months reached 39,738.

Referring to port statistics – in the ferry lines Durrës – Bari and Durrës – Ancona during the first three months of the year 2019 have traveled 70.552 passengers, while 45.726 others were bound for Durrës.

The ferries have 234 round trips – including over 221,000 tons of freight in trucks and trailers.

During March only, the month with the highest results of the first quarter, ferries were preferred by 35,738 passengers with 5,764 passenger cars.