DPA: August 17-23, over 46 thousand passengers with 12 thousand cars departed with ferries to Bari and Ancona (Italy)

Within a week from the port of Durrës, 46,304 passengers with 12,316 cars have traveled with ferries to Italy’s ports, marking the start of mass return of compatriots after the summer break.

From the statistical data of APD, the number of passengers arriving in Durres is already several times smaller than that of travelers departing by ferry.

Only in the period 17-23 August 2018 arrived with ferries 14,355 passengers with 2.2.981 cars.

The total number of passengers and vehicles processed within a week reaches a total of 60,659 passengers and 15,297 cars.

Since the start of the summer season, ferries do 5-7 cruises per day to withstand the large number of passengers.