DPA/Coronavirus Alert: Public Health Institute and Durres Port Authority coordinate precautionary measures implementation

Durres Port Authority CEO Mr. Pirro Vengu and head of the Epidemiology Department at the Albanian Public Health Institute, Mrs. Silva Bino, held a meeting this morning in the framework of intensifying co-ordination and reinforcement of precautionary measures at the border checkpoints of the country’s largest port.

At the Ferry Terminal, the permanent DPA Health Protection Unit is currently appendaged to the National Task Force, consisting of both the PHI and local Public Health Directorate medical experts.

Under the DPA auspices the Ferry Terminal stepped up measures by duplicating  the medical staff as well as expanding screening measures.

The passengers arriving from the neighboring ports of Italy through ferry routes are being monitored daily by eight DPA, local and Tirana doctors.

In addition to health parameters equipment and necessary facilities such as  laser thermometers, doctors and support staff are rigorously checking the passengers’ mobility and itineraries prior to Durres Port arrival.

Since the first coronavirus outbreak worrisome warnings additional measures have been implemented in Durres Port in cooperation with PHI aiming health protection and risk prevention of local and foreign citizens who choose to travel by sea.