DPA: Ferries, about 50 thousand trucks and trains with 570 thousand tons of goods in eight months

The ferries that use as entrance and exit the port of Durres, in the first 3 months of this year have transported 45 799 trucks and 4091 trailers with goods.
Figures are respectively 4 and 3 percent higher than in January-August 2017. Sources from the Statistics Sector of DPA, said that in the eight-month period that just ended, ferries have transported about 569 017 tons of cargo, loaded on trucks and trailers, or 43 thousand tons more than in January-August 2017. The Durres – Bari and Durres – Ancona – Trieste ferries lines and the Return line has transported 2,000 trucks and trailers more than in the first eight months of 2017.
From the Statistics Department of the DPA it is also learned that during the 8- month period 2018, the ferries were also used by over 630 thousand passengers and 137 thousand cars in total.