DPA/ Kujtim Daullxhiu – The profile of a veteran employee

Everyone in Durres Port knows Mr.Kujtim Daullxhi, the warehouse worker.

Close to retirement, after 33 years of work experience in the country’s largest port, Mr.Daullxhiu recalls he was only 16 years old when he was first employed at the city’s Railway Station Maintenance Department where he worked for several years.

Reminiscent of his early years in the greatest shipping entrepreneurship of the country, while conveying truthful gratitude, he states – “I have been working in the port since 1987, initially as a maintenance operator which contributed in realizing a sustainable income for my family and a fruitful future to my four children, especially the youngest one, Stelina who is now a nursing student at the University of Durres”.

Latterly he has been working at the ports warehouse, supplying office materials and also assisting in forklift operations inside the warehouse. Everyone acknowledges his positive attitude and appreciates his hard work, dedication and valuable contribution to the port for over three decades.