DPA: Over 300,000 tons of cargo processed during January 2020 An increase of 12% regarding imports and an estimated 9% on exports February 28th. 2020

During January, over 304 thousand tons of seaborne freight were processed at Durres Port quays. According to the DPA Statistics Department the figures display an estimated increase of 11 % comparable to January 2019 as well as a considerable monthly exceed of 9% with accordingly 94 thousand tons handled regarding exports  and 12% increase on processed imports.

Cargo ships and container vessels operating at the three terminals  have recorded this month  over 245,000 tonnes of import/export goods processed. Meanwhile, Durres-Bari and Durres-Ancona ferries have marked a decrease of 5% comparable to the same period of the previous year, processing an amount of over 59.000 tonnes of cargo.

Almost identical rates of passenger volumes against January 2019 accounted at 53,772 passengers has been reported  at the Ferry Terminal, while the number of vehicles, lorries and ferry boats adds up to 15,767 vehicles during the respective month.

 Port of Durres throughput amounted to 304.000 tons during January 2020.Imports freight handled at the 3 terminals rose by12% while an exceed of 9% resulting from exports is marked comparable to January 2019. Roughly identical rates recorded in terms of passengers and vehicle traffic volumes.