DPA: The EBRD president visits the port, on focus the quays 1 & 2

The General Director of APD, Afrim Bakaj welcomed this evening the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Sir Suma CHAKRABARTI. Deputy Prime Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Artan Shkreli, and Chairman of the Board of APD, Gledian Llatja also attended the meeting. Invited by Prime Minister Rama to attend the Summit of Western Balkan Countries, which is taking place in Durrës, mr CHAKRABARTI visited today the port of Durrës, which is considered one of the most important EBRD clients in Albania.

After welcoming and briefing on the developments in the largest port of the country by Executive Director Bakaj and port specialists, the participants discussed mainly the financial support the EBRD is expected to provide to the Port Authority for the development and implementation of the rehabilitation project for quays 1 & 2.

The EBRD president expressed a lot of interest in the projects to be implemented at the port of Durres, focusing in particular on the reconstruction of the quays 1 & 2.

During the meeting held in the Executive Directory of APD, the priorities and strategies for the further development of the port of Durres were discussed. Together with the EBRD Presidency, CHAKRABARTI, the other leaders of the EBRD Departments, Mr. Oleg Levitin, Matteo Colangeli and Ilir Basha participated the meeting.

EBRD President, CHAKRABARTI together with the APD and Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy leaders visited the Western Terminal, stopping on the 1st & 2ths quay, as well as at the new fishing port.