Durres Archaeological Museum hosting dozens of artifacts from underwater discoveries February 13th. 2020

Since 2005, underwater archaeologists have discovered dozens of valuable artifacts pertaining to the Durres coast which have currently become integral part of our cultural heritage.  Several of them have been exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of the city, while a few others are expected to undergo further analysis by the archaeological experts  of the Institute of Archeology.

The Archaeological Museum reports that subsequent to the restoration of the “Dolium”-the special wine container serving seaborne trade, archeologists have initiated the restoration of distinct amphorae which have been discovered during underwater missions on the coast of Durres and beyond.

Along with the shipwreck relics, dating back to the IVth Century BCE, various anchors and pots, such as amphorae or ceramic pieces of exceptional value have been displayed at the Archaeological Museum of Durres.

Recent underwater discoveries are mapping out maritime trade exchanges of the southern Illyria (Durres) coasts to other Mediterranean shores and vice versa. It is anticipated that the Archaeological Museum’s top floor to be utterly dedicated to underwater excavations dating back to antiquity and the Middle Ages of the Durres coast.