Durres Port reinforces precautionary measures in the framework of border health checkpoints

Although the Minister of Health confirmed that Albania is a ‘low risk’ country in terms of the deadly coronavirus infection and there are no suspected or identified cases in our country, precautionary and heightened health monitoring measures have been undertaken at the Durres Port border crossing point.

DPA’s  Health Department Specialists in collaboration with the Public Health Institute  and other health authorities are conducting strict surveillance and active screening of incoming passengers (including shipping staff) arriving through the Durres Port frontier line, prioritizing their destination of origin.

Measures include laser heat checks as well as all the necessary equipment to perform and reinforce sanitation and quarantine control in points of passage in our country.

Durres Port Authority ensures all passengers that their health safety is a top priority objective therefore requires their understanding for the inconvenience caused by the additional measures and procedures that will be applied at border points in this respect.