History/ ” Our Port along the years”- Sailors, pivot exponents of the Independence of the Albanian State. February 26th.2020

Albanian sailors have always been firm advocates of the independence aspirations of our country on the grounds that sovereignty and the pennant would deliver autonomy and freedom in their navigations as well.

The independence of Albania was greeted by more than 500 navigating vessels of different dimensions, which finally achieved to sail under our national flag for the first time.

Ismail Kemal Bey and Luigj Gurakuqi made extensive efforts for the independence proclamation and national flag raising execution to emanate in Durres, unfortunately the circumstances were antagonistic. However, the Independence Flag arouse in Durres on November 26, 1912, in which Durres sailors were pivot exponents and played a significant role in this milestone. Durres was the center of Sandzak, paramount city of foreign headquarters and consulates, a sensitive point of maritime freight and passenger traffic in the Adriatic.