January-June 2019, at port quays 924 sailing ships

In the period January-June, at the port of Durres were berthed in total 924 vessels or 61 vessels more than the same period last year.

From the Statistics Division to APD, it is learned that in all Terminals respectively, the number of ships and ferries handled was higher than in the first half of 2018.

For the period January-June 2019 at the four Terminals, approximately 193 thousand tons of goods were handled more than a year, according to 6-month statistics.

At the Western Terminal 17 vessels were handled more than in January-June last year, at the Eastern Terminal 6 more than years, while at the Containers Terminal 2 more were handled as well.

Also, the number of ferries handled at the Terminal was 18 more than in January-June 2018.

In the port of Durres, mainly in the western terminal (managed by DPA), were berthed also 11 cruises with 2,194 tourists on board, as well as 141 yachts of various sizes.

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