Maritime services exclusively oriented to freight transport May 20th .2020

As of March 10.2020, the Durres Port Ferry Terminal has been exclusively operated to serve the freighttransport industry from our country to Italy and vice versa. The ferry lines have also reduced routes frequency while only this Sunday three cargo ferry routes have set sails from the Port of Durres to the Ports of Bari and Ancona (Italy).

According to the DPA Information Center, this Sunday was the first time since the significant drop in sails intensity due to the strict anti-Covid-19 measures that three of the main shipping lines ferries took off from our terminal.

The “Rigel VII” and “AF Marina” ferries sailed to Bari on Sunday evening, while the “AF Claudia” ferry left for Ancona.

Reportedly, the passengers’ sea voyages will resume operation upon bilateral agreement between the two countries, Albania and Italy.

From May 1st – 17th, ferry services were utilized by 3,103 cargo vehicles, trucks and trailers.

Evidently, ferries have been utilez by cargo vehicle drivers who have carried on traveling to different cities of both countries Italy and Albania ensuring supplychain does not falter meeting products surging demand.