Meet Elmira Xhafa, the first female Marine Inspector recruited in the Durres Port Captaincy 06.02.2020

Is been over a year that the 25 year old Elmira Xhafa has been proudly wearing her marine uniform and since then she has learned to love it as an integral part of her quotidianity. By becoming the first recruited female in the Durres Port Captaincy she broke down barriers confirming that women are trailblazers and leaders who daily defeat old school perceptions and gender stereotypes as they dominate in dozens of dynamic career fields.

She attended the Faculty of Naval at the University of Vlora and immediately after completion she was recruited at the Durres Port Captaincy as Marine Inspector. “I remember the first time I saw a marine uniform in my city, Berat it had a major impact in my future choice to attend the Naval Faculty“   

Elmira says she would never change her career path describing her first year of serving the Durres Port Captaincy as challenging, rewarding and incredibly empowering for women. She aspires to be promoted as a Ferry Terminal Inspector one day, outlining her determination in following her career direction.

Expressing her excitement for the increasing number of females enlisted in naval branches, Elmira encourages all high school graduates particularly females in choosing to attend naval studies and pursue maritime careers ensuring their responsibilities will be significant and their respect well-earned. This is their chance to push the limits personally and professionally.