Postponed Durres-Bari ferry routes due to adverse weather conditions resumed their journeys this morning. Cargo ship operations proceed unaffected by the harsh weather February 27th.2020

 The last night meant sailings of the two Durres – Bari ferries due to adverse weather conditions and severe gales up to 20 m / sec have resumed their routes  this morning from Durres Port Ferry Terminal.

Durres Port Authority Info Center  states that both “Bari” and “AF Marina” ferries departed today from the terminal at around 7:30 am towards the italian coasts of Bari. Last night gusts led to revised sailing schedules causing a 4 hour delay of the “AF Claudia” ferry which was able to depart towards Ancona subsequent to an incidence inside the port basin.

Despite heavy rainfalls and high winds port operation paces are currently unaffected while 5 cargo ships are presently being processed at Durres Port quays without reported disruptions.

According to the aforementioned source  last nights operations have undergone slight interruption with regards to container ship and dry bulk processing. Currently the wind shear is modifying  direction veering  south- west and its force is steadily diminishing.