Russia and Turkey, the top trading partners of Durres Port February 12th.2020

Over the past few years Durres Port has developed maritime trade relationships with more than 25 countries.The US, Tunisia, Russia and Malta are the predominant countries showing constant increase in volumes of exchanges with Durres Port, especially during 2019.

According to Durres Port Statistics Department, leading the list of Durres Port trading partner countries is Russia with over 1.9 million tons of goods processed over the last 5 five years followed by Turkey with an estimated 1.65 million tons, Italy, with 838 thousand tons as well as Egypt and Libya, with 608 thousand tons and 495 thousand tons respectively.

Referring to the same data, ranked 6th up to 10th at the trading partnership list in terms of seaborne international exchange are Greece, the US, Malta, Ukraine and China with an estimated ratio of over 300 thousand tons of goods handled during 2014-2019, followed by Tunisia, Croatia, Spain, Germany, France and Romania listed subsequently as leading exchange partners of the last 5 years.