January-April 2020/ Over 1,2 million tons of goods and 420 merchant vessels processed in the country’s largest port. May 18th. 2020

In the course of the first four months of this year, over 1.2 million tons of various types of goods as well as a total of 420 merchant vessels have been processed in the terminals of the largest port of the country.

According to the DPA Statistics Department reports, the number of vessels processed in the four terminals consists of 187 merchant ships, while the other 233 are ferry ships, which despite the Covid-19 pandemic situation have operated their routes uninterruptedly for designated trailer and truck goods transport.

Referring to the same source, most of the processed ships, videlicet a considerable number of 92 cargo vessels, have been processed at the General Cargo Terminal, also known as the Western Terminal.

During the January-April 2020 timeframe, over 90 thousand tons of wheat, 28 thousand tons of iron, 29 thousand tons of tin, 38 thousand tons of chemical fertilizers, etc. have been handled at the Break Bulk Cargo Terminal, meanwhile, 44 ships with an estimated 126 thousand tons of coal, 31 thousand tons of cement, etc. have been processed in the Eastern Terminal