DPA/ Traffic schedules are unaffected by the harsh weather, five cargo ships in process

Despite the adverse weather conditions and heavy rainfall, the DPA Info Center confirms no cancellations or delays in ferry schedules. Both Bari-Durres route ferries have arrived before at 8:00 am this morning.

At Quay nr.6 has already finished the processing of 2,118 TEU carried by the MSC Hannah ship while the discharge of 2,930 tons of scrap on board of the Abo Alyssa ship is still in process.

Meanwhile, the vessels Volgobalt carrying 2,983 tons of grain and Sunaid X carrying 301 TEU have already moored the berths.

Today are also scheduled the Nacc Sirios Cement Carrier, expected to load an estimated amount of 4,100 tons of export cargo as well as NS Helse vessels handling approximately 5,900 tons of scrap which are reported en route.